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Majestic (06:57 PM) :
3vil: i heard your a27 year old male who role playes a female
3vil: 17 yeah chik
Emerald: LOL Wtf!
Emerald: I'll beat you
3vil: thats what pappa said
Emerald: Lol Pappa ya, and my name is Alec, at least this time I got a sexy name lol
Emerald: Usually it's Butch or something :-P
3vil: wtf
Emerald: Lol whenever someone calls me a guy I get a new name
3vil: righto
Emerald: Lol in short: NO. I'm not a 27 year old.
Emerald: He made it 40 yo/Alec, then it became 27, it must be my youthful appearance and my penis that goes inwards 'eh?
3vil: :/
Emerald: I'm no guy :/
Emerald: That'd disgust me :O
3vil: papa is cool
Emerald: Pappa's a fucking child
3vil: sif you think everyone is
Emerald: He's about as thick as two fucking planks
Emerald: Oh well - I just did this yesterday
Emerald: Take your pick of friend, him or me.
Emerald: Doesn't really matter either way to me
3vil: omg
Emerald: Trust me, it's better not having mutual friends of enemies
Emerald: It'd be annoying for you at the least
3vil: lol
Emerald: Ah fuck it, you're a little bit stronger than that wimp Twizzer
Emerald: And he left me for Necro! Lol
3vil: necro is cool aswell
Emerald: Lol okay, maybe you should take your pick.
Emerald: It's better for you ^_~
3vil: not really i like all 3 of you
3vil: just you seem to be in a bitchy mood today
Emerald: Lol ya I don't respond too fantastically when ppl call me a guy, and then say that they like the person who said it :-P
3vil: so why do you hate necro?
Emerald: Oh, used to be a trammie griefer, I never fell prey to him, but fuck he was a smacktalking dickhead
Emerald: And it just grew from there :O
3vil: whoa you will not like me in a few months
Emerald: Lol why so? As long as you remain nice to me I'll just try to convince you otherwise
3vil: lol i pissed off kero at the event bad today
Emerald: Kero - now there's a great person :-P
3vil: he's a fucking cock sucker
Emerald: Just don't continue fucking your friends off, or you'll end up being friends with Necro, and he'll make passes at you :/
Emerald: Lol maybe we should stop then ^_~
Emerald: Kero is love, Pappa/Necro are cock suckers ^_~
3vil: kk i choise necro and papap
Emerald: Kk, bye then :O
Majestic (06:58 PM) :
no for some reason she doesnt care that i'm friends with you :/
Kozzie (06:58 PM) :

Majestic (06:58 PM) :
proly casue i said this to him
Majestic (06:58 PM) :
3vil: ok sesouly i dont let my friends work out my friends and i dont chose friends so if your not gonna talk to me casue i like necro and papa then you can go fuck your self emmie
Kozzie (07:00 PM) :

Kozzie (07:00 PM) :
omfg i cant believe he is actually going out of his way to do this
Majestic (07:01 PM) :
i know he said the same to twizzer
Kozzie (07:01 PM) :
no offense man but as far as i figure it everyone in UO is a NPC some are cool NPCS with true black sandals and some have nothing
Majestic (07:02 PM) :
yeah hence i scab of people so bad it's only a fucking game who cares really
Majestic (07:02 PM) :
they only pixales aswell
Majestic (07:03 PM) :
yeah both if you like
Majestic (07:03 PM) :
yeah both if you like
Kozzie (07:04 PM) :
how fuck i copy this

Majestic (07:05 PM) :
ctrl-C to copy it then crtl-v to paste it

Majestic (03:08 AM) :
lol i have no fucking idea what he is going on about
Kozzie (03:09 AM) :
does a chick get angry at that sort shit
Majestic (03:09 AM) :
yeah i killed his friends horse
Kozzie (03:09 AM) :
A no girl i have ever met would force u take sides
Kozzie (03:09 AM) :

Majestic (03:17 AM) :
Emerald: Lol k, a) I'll do my best to get your access removed. b) PK you on site.
Emerald: Go on, HACK ME. You know as it's like your only defence you washed up nerd.
Majestic (03:17 AM) :
Majestic (03:17 AM) :
so hard
Majestic (03:17 AM) :
Kozzie (03:17 AM) :
Kozzie (03:17 AM) :
washed up nerd? like hes a nerd of godly proportions?
Majestic (03:18 AM) :
like i care if my access gone at lobs
Kozzie (03:28 AM) :
Kozzie (03:28 AM) :
im co owned dude
Kozzie (03:28 AM) :
keep that to urself but
Majestic (03:28 AM) :
yeah ok i know like 4 other people that are friended to it so it's not like i reall care
Kozzie (03:29 AM) :
u do realise gabocha cried so mutch to gwyn that he had to remove all my chars from being friended so gabocha thought hed won
Kozzie (03:29 AM) :
Majestic (03:29 AM) :
lol gwyn = lob?
Kozzie (03:29 AM) :
idiot should realise if i gave a shit i could just remove his friend status and he would never get it back
Kozzie (03:29 AM) :
gwyn pendragon

Kozzie (03:30 AM) :
people that call him lobsang make me sick
Majestic (03:30 AM) :
no idea who that is :/
Kozzie (03:30 AM) :
call him lizzy or simply just 8)
Majestic (03:30 AM) :
Majestic (03:32 AM) :
where did you go?
Majestic (03:32 AM) :
hahaha my access is gone from lizzy's
Kozzie (03:36 AM) :
u were only accesd not friended?
Majestic (03:36 AM) :
yeah accessed used to be friended on old paragas account before got banned
Majestic (03:55 AM) :
whould liz ban me cause emmie said so?