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Redoing this page so check it a fair bit
okay as far as i know the descriptions underneath each screenshot some may be short some may be long but there all 100% true

This one cool GM

okay umm Minzac ur a fucking newbie you acuse me being speed hackd when i getting 120 on my cable and notice the pink GM's there scaring me no doubt OSI's behind it

i saw a GM inside this by himself then he disapeard

TB are in faction's for a reason main reason to teach these EGO newbs a lesson in pain :) oh and funky faction hats they rawk :)

Advisor Zodiac okay this guys a fucking newbie he knew nothing u can snoop these newbs etc anyways ghandi got kikd from thief guild and zodiac said maybe the GM kickd u out cause stealing *wak head* what a fukn newb we pretty much all fell over laughing sept queeny who thought zodiac was right but i think he just has a thing for pink robes :) anyways u cant kill em :( but u can teach them bout UO cause they got NO IDEA bout anything they make counselors look like oldschoolers

so i page a GM and :) he pulls some shit outa his ass as usual

im not sure what goin on this is oldish im suspended ad found it

yes me and Inda did eventually kill these WMC tools

this is what hapens when u watch to many PK Ghost flash movies :)

Ever wunderd how town guards can work so efficiently without sleep ....... THEY CANT here u can see them PKing yes guards PKing a BLUE nightmare trammell britain oh and i allso killd RLM :P

i was runnign around checking a house spot when i saw this faget newb fuck Head Hunter aka Lava aka Revolution anyways he inside his house talking to a GM bout some shit so i run in PK lava and the whole time the GM's laughing his nuts off fukn hilarious

FREE CASTLE ANYONE?!? as u can see u can still get stupid tramelites to felluca just takes 4 VB's and alota time to think

Vampyre was the guy hacked Zinn Visions account now i know u all think i happy but personally THATS FUCK UP these idiots trusted eachother with there accounts thats just wak considering they both no morals

Guild killing OoE on my tamer/bard and father Jack dies w00t bout time keke btw hes got a website not sure if he updates hes pretty slack like someone i know......... >_<

Ever been stuck in a closet for a long time?? well u start to go CRAZY!! when left here for days


C@F [how fuck did they get out of Haven seriously

just a bunch screenshots best one probably the SL Faction guard in TRAMELL look at cursor to verify that me and a friend were looking for vendor houses anyways im tired me go sleep now oh im back YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY *clak clak clak clack * * fireworks* pfffffft bye

C@F 2 okay they have some sorta Ewo Village below my Wind Tower its funny as hell they allways trying to PK me and they havent killd me at all i aint even killd myself to give em counts funnyest shit i seen since GCB sieged my tower 3 yrs ago

ROFL while the GM seems understanding [least he knows that im not the PK the rest think im useing a bug to stay blue rofl (they trying to PK) so yeah my hipshot ran out on my 99th screeny witch sucks cause one the newbies made a character called ii and claimed that he was banning my account for PKing HAHAHAHA

Ahhhh the good old Faction days people this is what factions about none this gate jumping BS

shitload kill pics ummm note the 113 dmg hit to zeus now thats a spicey meatball ^^ oh and pkd alibaba and doraemon and got like 10 pscrolls for it haw haw haw

k just kill pics as usual but allso something that i swear happens to me nearly every time i own someone in this case T bone and Suga Daddy they were shit talking me at WBB tram there both 5th yr vets but they are fucking trammy newbs anyways they shitalking me i go fine fight me u 2 verse me after about 10 minutes of there excuses and how mutch of a fuckwit i am i finally get them to felluca and i own them both 2 on 1 hahha was so easy to anyways these leet hardcore vets start denying it all at tram wbb and well after about 40 minutes of them going who are u i never seen u before etc etc they finally fess up and admit i owned them both by myself and then they start asking me how i did it and it was so ridiculously easy all i did was hit them with a stick like seriously fucking ebaying vets are the funniest

dammm that was one funest fights ive ever been in [except for killing Zinn Vision and Vampyre cause that was juts funny] if u want factions like in old days keep away from the gates and base fight

Okay first off the picture of the geek he isnt anyone in UO [i dont think] im guessing hes just the guy that made that reaction game general jist of it is the background changes colour and u gotto hit stop as soon as it does CHECK OUT MY SCORE!!! 0.079 seconds hahaha who needs speedhack or UOAssist when u got wizz

K road runner is this little fukwit wannabe red alot like Gabocha aka Emerald or Dark Raider there all fucking fresh out of tramell and havent got a clue about PvP why Eliz or even Mushola protects them i dont know still doesnt stop me from droping them everytime i see them :) anyways adios n enjoy

umm RIS and some newb fag harassing me rofl so funny i get band for harassment and aslong as ur a newb fag u can harass all u want fukn wak


OBF's wannabe PK *laughs*

hehe i had fun dueling Mythran aka George of -E- he was loging on due to boredom so ya was fun duel we couldnt kill eachother but funny how good i goten since last time i was figthing his PK Azmodan keke oh and Creme Dela Cream ofr some fuk well hes like Lava/Coops love child due to Coops and Lava being homo fags anyways congrats on dieing like a newb CooVa