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ok soon as i get my digi camera to work gotto show u some l337 rl pics Bwaha
just me killing people

kill pics
i got another Uber vanq warhammer from Lynn shesa make me rich :) oh and i killd some others

look to the right keke
guild PK'd ROF some elvish RP guild that recruits anyone regardless of name role players are just cheap newbies with no morals now a days least the old RPers had some sort or role playing morals like not recruiting someone called Fuxenator

alota dead OMG btw i cant believe the trammys reactions they run bout going LOOK OUT OMG ARE COMEING!! fucking stupid they must sit around camp fires telling tales of how they nearly got para gankd with there 30 resist and plate armour i still believe green killing is a fuckload more fun then pking and not being able to loot witch reminds me i gtg join some guilds ^^
how does zinn vision fight? like this
yes hes everyones favourite UOA cable gate jumper and boy does he suck he can only dexer fight and even tat hes fucking shit at
ROFL @ how many times i killd Koota / Narcsisus in past 2 days
oh special mention to GenericX i dueld this guy like ..... a year ago and we both ran outa regs anyways i dueld him today and outright clowned him but when at destard some faget Rain was telling everyone not to res this [One] guy simply cause hes friends with PK's [normally i wouldnt of but id rather help a ball licky 13 yr old in One then do what a trammy tells me to ] anyways geriatric [hes in One] then tries to gank me cause i resd his mate so Xero and Demestos [ not sure who was on geriatrics other account] and !!!!! GenericX gank me !!!! yeah after i was so nice to generic so bout 1 hr later i get this ICQ from EVIL GARAD!! and he goes oy generic feals really bad bout ganking u he wants give ur loot back etc .......

anyways generic went outa his way to track me down and he waited around and returned !! all my loot w00t so yeah cheers generic and for that i not post screenshots me clowning u :)