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more skreenys
yah i campd a IDOC tower with couple mates ended up placeing it enjoy the show

rofl well AoS what can i say
umm special notes Spliff = Cray [ previus victim ]
.... well everyones my previus victim but u get the point

Oh dueld Raven for 500K and well I WON and shock horror he didnt pay up >_< well least i won and he lost and well Bwahaha @ u raven i am teh winner
This guys my fucking favourite RED hes a champion everytime i gate him in i fall off my chair laughing at people he owns then walks back in gate like nothing hapend good stuff poo man

THE FUNNIEST 2 hours ive ever had on UO even better then FREE CASTLE NIGHT

okay strate up me and klayton wanna do some guild killing find this guy William we kill him steal his guildstone then we notice his neighbour is decorating [ and guilded ] what are the odds his guild recruiting i grab another char me and klay expecting just another guild kill BUT turns out this order guild D^V are complete newbies.

we get friended low and behold all his chests are friend chests i take a couple 100% cold and fire damage wepons his main characters personal bless deed and a few mini houses all right infront of there eyes then we kill the guild members and get stacks of good tramelite loot.

ut wait theres more we then convince them that his neighbour William hired us to do this and that were profesional assasins rofl Klayton LuT is makeing a fine comeback get your page back up and running hehehe

anyways guys adios
AoS kill shots
oh and that newb infested guild LoG u will see around there like tramelites and proud anyways i jumpd a gate on my way to bank some lewt and saw a gate jumpd in it was to Malas and to LoG town read some there books where they mention my pk[main] Necromancer as a thief like what the shit since when is Necromancer a thief fucking newbies anyways rnamed there books to something smartass hope the didnt have copys and if they do ill just do it again next time im online anyways thats all for me


you post in the Forum u get what u ask for :)
Ernie Marchant i lost ones where u calld a Game Master on me heres some other ones i found from ahwile ago enjoy :P
Max Pics ONE
lets see what we got bah fuck it u have a look oh one thing needs explaining the Shhhhh screeny of that guy with white afro he was Murderer and there was a guy running past :P he lasted quite ahwile in town

yes i am slack
well aint udated as offen opps like 3 typos im sm,oken so it hard anyways ummm sorry to my fans :( honest i wanna keep it a fine tuned site anyhow i looking for people to go partnership in makeing a oceania site im looking ur way intigator and anyone else that can / has got flash uo movies u to icq 118780270 cheers

yah some screenys
umm enjoy
one sad little joke of a PvPr
Newbzor is at it again heres the results BTW thankyou for the Power wepons Zinn and for the reagents and have fun buying a new dragon :) NEWBIE
yes hes very very l337 *cough* newb *cough*
yah after i explaind to him how u dont need anyprograms to get someones IP adress and how fact im on my 28.8 gonna make it hell imposible for him to hack me considering i got like a collection of 99999999999999999 viruses on my computer allready due to not careing bout reinstalling a NAV everytime i reformat well this made my day zinn heres a tip stick to speed hacking seems be only thing ur capable of doing though u prolly gave oral sex to a computer guy to do it for you didnt you or anyways looks like u better put on that skirt and polish those lips of urs ur gonna need him again to hack me

peace everyone oh and if anyone wants to refresh my house a bit please do and zinn sorry to interupt u applying ur makeup