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WOW A UPDATE w00t enjoy it while it lasts ^^
the deamon bone helmet i swiped umm i think thats only thing needs explaining its 1:30 am hay least i updated so no whinging

Mcmanus aint the only one turning japanese so is Oceania
THE AMAZEING ADVENTURES OF YUUKI IN LuT yeah me and klay could not belive our eyes orgasming at the same time as we spoted 3 yes THREE pure blood japanese asians on Oceania sure they couldnt understand us we couldnt understand them but they did let us dress them up naked in nothing but a rice picker hat and a pitchfork to go RICE HUNTING rofl special mentions to Yuuki he is a fucking champion love the little dude he couldnt speek but he understood what a AK47 was ROFL he hung around for about a week we recruited them all oh

the hoe Tommomi [the girl one] rofl she could understand english and paged a GM but seeing as Yuuki haveing so mutch fun with us we got off on it so enjoy the once in a life time noone will ever get away with this one again hahaha
*sniff sniff * whats that smell...???
i havent been playing UO barely at or since people started geting 120 120 120 in shit and seem to be outrunning my cable connection like im a dial uper but my pal Mythran sure is and tonight we had a bit of fun last time i dueld him we tied with us running outa regs after about 15 minutes this time a different story and it required no skill at all a med dexer with a runic wepon can kill anyone no matter how skilld they are its a joke and one reasons why i havent been playing so mutch often bad luck mythy oh hehe THIS JUST IN

well me and twizz and mythy were dueling and twizz got sick of dieing so he decided to go to wind for kicks not more then 3 minutes later he comes screaming back about crazy ants we run up and hes not lieing crazy infiltrators with gay loot but that didnt stop mythran due to his secret shame of PvM even after we killd them all his monster bashing thirst wasnt quentchd and he started blabering about looking for a hive hehe crazy sorry no hive if it upto me i woulda made one just for you ANYWAYS

i should be updateing more frequently now and im awaiting shadow bane because its new and mates are playing it and anygame where a bunch of guys can destroy all Oak's shops etc is a game i want to play hahaha shame i cant get any screenshots due to the crazy rules the beta testers have well

Adios Wiggas and Enjoy
night of cable in SL
well started out sweet HUGE turnout to defend SL unfortunatly 80% of them were plate wearing newbs congrats to Elrick Dread Lord and Coops killd all 10 SL defending but believe me it couldnt of been easyer none of these guys knew or had any idea on PvPing and was quit the funny role playing macroes amongst it all our defenders saw a orange and all ran at it like defenders shouldnt to the extent only me a fencer in statloss and Ten were left fence got mowd me and ten went uptop took out elrick 3 on 2 i died cause blokd and dreads infamous power+ short spear :) ten recalld like a sane person but hay none these guys could steal so put 2 n 2 together SL still got all sigils my town Magnica is corrupted :) ummm oh SL managed to kill atleast 50 more SL members then we killd TB COM or MINAX put together due to constant argueing and dog acting seeyas peeps its 6:30 am i think ive done my part Stealth where fuk were u :) nite i mean good morning all oh started 25 winnyy blues 2 left :(
hehhe okay umm sorry bout adding old screenys
okay letm me explain something this is fact

Zinn Vision is 80 KG's 155 cm tall and is 14 years old thus he is PIGGY yes very much like the fat kid off lord of the flies movie hence the pig call Zinn Vision he gets calld Piggy at school and people chant OINK OINK OINK OINK and he tends to cry so lets give this chodey little pig a nice load Oink next time u see him :P
really not much intresting in this except after killing elrick he logd on his dexer Monkey Boy where i introduced him to the floor :)
Nekfro holds a CLA meeting
okay i decided to hold a CLA Carret Lovers Anonymous and those evil basterds showd up we later chased them out but then they tried to get me with there secret wepon the 'TOS' and it pretty much stands for what it is a load of blow