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yeah other page is full heres a freshy
okay this GM Zilo extorted me so i was forced to give him some deamon bone armour [ as the screenys clearly show ] WRX saw me with the GM on my tower takeing a set deamon to jail for the trade think what u want but I HAVE BEEN VIALATED mann this games currupt oh well least i can still play UO keke

unfortunatly for this guy there was no such thing as soap on a rope :(
okay this me me killing DK and some newbs oh and some very fun duels at bennys keep was mad fun me queenslander Carlos Santana [yes he still plays ] and vegeta and some others

ummm duels and special guest * drum roll * yours and my pall Bloody Rain

the big green box pretty much says your such a lamer im going post screenshots of you reskilling me on my friends website was quite humerous =)

my thief A Munky Man is in Minax and prolly will be CL of it haveing more killpoints then the other 5 minax members =)

yeah was neck and neck for newbie prize these S*H boys or whatever well better luck next time :P
finally got the chance to kill Filthy Mc Faden [ this trammy newb dresses exactly like necromancer and recently got a neon green afro ] so well i killd him keke =]

i dont want to delete this screeny as its ancient and is so fucking funny that newbie says [ can you suck your own dick?] and i say wish i could would save me spending my lunch money rofl damm funny shit

check out page 3,4,5 keke